Interactive Grammar


Hong Kong

Mid-Levels 半山總校
Shop 705, Universal Trade Centre, 3rd Arbuthnot Road, HK
TEL: 3102 1328

Taikoo Shing 太古城分校
Shop P508-509, Podium, Shun On Mansion, 3 Tai Yue Avenue, Taikoo Shing, HK
TEL: 3102 1308

Fortress Hill 炮台山分校
Shop 302, 3/F, AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, North Point, HK
TEL: 3102 1338

Kornhill (YMCA) 康怡教學點
1/F, 18 Hong On Street, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, HK
TEL: 3102 2928


Unit B, 20th floor, Harbour Ring Huangpu Centre, 98 Liuhe Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
TEL: (8621) 6171 0150

This highly stimulating course aims to prepare students to make the giant leap from kindergarten to primary school; this course aims to familiarize students with the nuts and bolts of the English language. By engaging in a plethora of fun-filled activities, students learn to use grammar correctly and confidently.

Course Outline:

    • Nouns
    • Verbss
    • Adverbss
    • Adjectivess
    • Pronounss
    • Prepositionss
    • Interjectionss
    • Antonyms and Synonymss
    • Direct and Indirect Speechs
    • Compound Wordss
    • Combining sentences and Conjunctionss
    • Verb Agreements
    • Present Tense, Past Tense and Continuous Tense