Liberal Studies


Hong Kong

Mid-Levels 半山總校
Shop 705, Universal Trade Centre, 3rd Arbuthnot Road, HK
TEL: 3102 1328

Taikoo Shing 太古城分校
Shop P508-509, Podium, Shun On Mansion, 3 Tai Yue Avenue, Taikoo Shing, HK
TEL: 3102 1308

Fortress Hill 炮台山分校
Shop 302, 3/F, AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, North Point, HK
TEL: 3102 1338

Kornhill (YMCA) 康怡教學點
1/F, 18 Hong On Street, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, HK
TEL: 3102 2928


Unit B, 20th floor, Harbour Ring Huangpu Centre, 98 Liuhe Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
TEL: (8621) 6171 0150

Level 1-2: Junior Secondary

Designed especially for secondary level students, this course aims to stimulate them via a wide range of exciting topics as well as improve their overall fluency and confidence in English.
Course Outline
   • Current Affairs & Discussions
   • Teenage Interested Topics & Presentations
   • Non-fiction Comprehension Skills & Essays
   • Fiction Reading & Creative Writing

Focused Skills
Critical Thinking    Critical thinking is an important and vital skill for secondary level students. Students learn to rationalize, challenge status quo, see from different perspectives and develop sound propositions and arguments that are convincing, fair and objective.

Reading    Students will be taught the critical reading skills such as skimming and scanning, paraphrasing, summarising, decoding vocabulary, and reading topic sentences.

Writing    Students will learn how to plan and write a variety of essays in a logical, coherent and well-organised manner. This includes writing a narrative, letter, proposal, problem-solving essay, report and persuasive essay.
Speaking    Students are encouraged to actively take part in classroom discussions, individual presentations and our lively debates to develop the confidence and poise in expressing their opinions.

Listening    Students will be provided with authentic material such as podcasts, radios, and watching videos in order to enhance their comprehension of the language in its everyday use. This allows students to connect to everyday life instead of just focusing on tackling an exam in a rigid environment.

Liberal Studies

Level 3: Senior Secondary

This course follows the new Liberal Studies Curriculum under the recent 334 Education Reform. It aims to heighten students’ awareness of both local and global issues, broaden their knowledge and develop their critical thinking skills. Each lesson is complemented with interesting case studies together with insightful theories and useful knowledge to help students to fully explore the topics.

Examples of questions explored:
Module 1 (Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationships)
   • How do gender stereotypes and homophobia affect students?
   • How can adolescents manage conflicts with parents constructively?

Module 2 (Hong Kong Today)
   • Are the post 80s unruly rabble-rousers or challengers of the status quo?
   • Is Hong Kong ready for universal suffrage?

Module 3 (Modern China)
   • Does China’s one-child policy violate basic human rights?
   • Is China’s information censorship justified?

Module 4 (Globalization)
   • Is Facebook monopolizing the social networking market?
   • What are the issues faced by HK in the face of rapid globalization?

Module 5 (Public Health)
   • Are we over-vaccinating with the H1N1 vaccination program?
   • What are the pros and cons of stem cell research?

Module 6 (Energy Technology & the Environment)
   • Is HK’s waterfront reclamation excessive or necessary?
   • Is nuclear power a strategic source of low-carbon electricity production?

Liberal Studies