Our Pedagogy


Hong Kong

Mid-Levels 半山總校
Shop 705, Universal Trade Centre, 3rd Arbuthnot Road, HK
TEL: 3102 1328

Taikoo Shing 太古城分校
Shop P508-509, Podium, Shun On Mansion, 3 Tai Yue Avenue, Taikoo Shing, HK
TEL: 3102 1308

Fortress Hill 炮台山分校
Shop 302, 3/F, AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, North Point, HK
TEL: 3102 1338

Kornhill (YMCA) 康怡教學點
1/F, 18 Hong On Street, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, HK
TEL: 3102 2928


Unit B, 20th floor, Harbour Ring Huangpu Centre, 98 Liuhe Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
TEL: (8621) 6171 0150

Teaching Methods

Kindergarten Level

The most important aspect for children to learn English is to develop their interest in the language. Along with years of experience, Jack & Jill Treehouse formulated a set of teaching system according to the ages of children. With our effective teaching methods, children are eager to learn and apply their English skills in their daily lives.

Thematic Approach:
We coordinate our lesson plans with specially selected themes to stimulate students’ interest. Students interact and discuss about the themes with our Native English Teachers in class. The approach helps students to enhance their knowledge effectively.

Role-play Approach:
To change the mundane learning approach of English, we encourage our students to practise English through social interaction. Teachers create real life settings in the classrooms with stage properties to help students to express ideas in English relevant to their daily lives.

Phonics Method:
We utilize the famous Jolly Phonics system from the UK to develop a thorough foundation in phonics in our students at an early age.

Game Approach:
Games are played in class for students to familiarize with English words, sentence structures, and types of speech. The most potent way to learn is to learn through play where children voluntarily engage in English.

Primary Level

Thematic Discussion:
Lessons revolve around different topics every week and student discussions are strongly encouraged in class. It helps them to express themselves in English and improve their public speaking skills.

Foundation Building:
This is the period where students need to build a solid foundation in English in order to master and excel in the language. All the nuts and bolts of the English language such as grammar, vocabulary building, sentence structure, reading comprehension and writing skills are carefully interwoven into each lesson to provide students with the most conducive learning experience possible.

Catering to Students’ Interest:
We incorporate interesting activities such as video watching and science experiments to motivate students in the learning process. This allows students to analyze and think in a wider spectrum and engage at a much deeper level during class.

Secondary Level

Building self-confidence

Students are encouraged to speak-up in our small-class setting where they can practice expressing and articulating their thoughts out loud. Many teenagers become highly self-conscious during this period; we believe our cosy and friendly learning environment helps students to develop poise and self-confidence as they prepare to embrace the world.

Current Affairs Awareness

We cultivate an awareness and understanding of current affairs by incorporating both local and global news into our lessons. Students learn to think independently and critically while becoming more involved with important issues concerning the government, our community and surrounding.

Critical Thinking Skills

With guidance from our teachers, students are asked to think critically about possible solutions on helping or solving problems of the world. They can bring up ideas on how the government or the community can solve the problems or how they can help the community to solve the problems as an individual.

English Speaking Skills

Group discussions and debates are the most favourable part of our lessons to students and parents. Students can develop presentation and public speaking skills by presenting their own ideas, and they can also learn to work as a team in debates. As English is the medium of instruction, students can improve their speaking skills in English.

English Writing Skills

In addition, Students are asked to reflect their ideas through writing different types of essays and letters in class. Students will engage in brainstorm and vocabulary building before writing. Teachers provide guidelines on the essentials of different essays and letters to enrich their writing abilities.