Young Writer


Hong Kong

Mid-Levels 半山總校
Shop 705, Universal Trade Centre, 3rd Arbuthnot Road, HK
TEL: 3102 1328

Taikoo Shing 太古城分校
Shop P508-509, Podium, Shun On Mansion, 3 Tai Yue Avenue, Taikoo Shing, HK
TEL: 3102 1308

Fortress Hill 炮台山分校
Shop 302, 3/F, AT Tower, 180 Electric Road, North Point, HK
TEL: 3102 1338

Kornhill (YMCA) 康怡教學點
1/F, 18 Hong On Street, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, HK
TEL: 3102 2928


Unit B, 20th floor, Harbour Ring Huangpu Centre, 98 Liuhe Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
TEL: (8621) 6171 0150

Catering to both local and international school students, this course aims to improve their competence in reading, writing and all aspects of literacy-related skills.

Teaching Objectives

    • Encourage Reading

To cultivate the ability to use language competently and with creative flair, students need to read as much as possible. Students are introduced to both contemporary and classical all-time favourites such as Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Oliver Twist, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew’s Mysteries and many of Roald Dahl’s ingenious gems.

    • Hone Writing Skills

Students will be exposed to different genres such as Recounts, Narratives, Persuasive Writing, Descriptive Essays, Reports, Letters and Poems.  Students are encouraged to write smoothly and creatively using their imagination and ingenuity, and become adept in both creative and formal writing.

    • Build Vocabulary and Grammar

There will be a continued focus on helping students enrich their vocabulary as well as building sound grammatical skills.

Young Writer

Grammar Coverage:
. Tenses . Verbs . Modals . Adjectives & adverbs . Collective nouns  . Definite & indefinite articles . Pronouns
. Prepositions . Conditionals . Gerunds & infinitives . Parts of speech . Determiners . Comparisons

*Students are required to buy grammar books for this course.