Jack & Jill Treehouse is a leading education provider in Hong Kong with over twenty years of experience. We combine linguistic learning with stimulating activities to create the best learning experience possible. Blending passion with expertise, we bring together the most effective curriculums and teaching methodologies appropriate for the different age groups.


Our Motto: “Students First and Foremost”
At Jack & Jill Treehouse, our priority is to truly anticipate the needs of every student. We understand that each student is a unique individual with his/her personal strengths and interests. For this reason, we always take the initiative in knowing our students well and adapt our curriculum, methodology and materials to ensure our students are learning effectively.


An Exceptional Team
Having a great passion for working with children and bringing out their fullest potential, we are a diverse team of highly qualified, experienced and native English and Putonghua speaking teachers, coming from UK, United States, Canada, Australia, and China.


Distinct Curriculum
We are happy to offer a full range of English courses, which would help our students gain a full acquisition of the English language. With a determination to cater for all the different interests of our students, these courses include Active English, Young Writer, and Liberal Studies:


1. Active English is a course that aims to develop the English skills of younger children through stimulating activities. By using a theme-based approach, it enables the learners to captivate the essence of the English Language, as well as its culture.

2. Young Writer aims to advance the students’ competence in reading and writing. For this course, we adopt the combination of a skill-based approach, where the students are exposed to important skills of writing (e.g. vocabulary building, mind-mapping, brainstorming, and organizing). They would be taught to formulate these ideas on paper, allowing them to improve on all aspects of literacy-related skills.

3. Liberal Studies is a tailor-made course, designed especially for secondary school students. This curriculum aims to arouse the students’ interest in current affairs and to introduce them to various skills that would help them cope with the changing society. At the same time, the module is built upon a            communicative approach, which intends to keep the learners’ English communicative channel open, as we aspire to develop the students’ speaking skills on voicing their opinions on the given topics.


Solid Reputation
We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to Jack & Jill parents for their wonderful support. Our aim is to strongly and humbly grow within the ever-changing education system and society in Hong Kong, so that we can continue to fulfill the mission of meeting every student’s needs in the English language.


A Loving & Friendly Atmosphere
We strongly believe that students thrive in a loving, encouraging and supportive atmosphere that fosters self-esteem, in order for them to truly engage in the learning process. This attitude underpins everything we do at Jack & Jill Treehouse.


A Unique Environment
The Treehouse is decorated with colourful décor and a cozy setting that promotes student bonding. We also build confidence in our students in reading, as we invite them to borrow books from our well-equipped library that meets the various preferences and tastes of our students.

Shop 905, Universal Trade Centre, 3rd Arbuthnot Road

+852 3102 1328

Tuesday – Saturday

9am – 7pm
(Open on Monday’s in Summer)