Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are all experienced, native English speakers who hold internationally recognised language teaching qualifications. They are friendly, committed and all share a passion in teaching.

Do you provide trial classes?

Yes, we provide trials for most of our classes. The trial lesson enables us to assess the level of your child and recommend a class that best fits his/her ability.

A $200 fee will be applied to all trials. This fee is refunded upon enrolment following the trial. The fee is not refundable if you do not proceed with enrolment following the trial. 

How do I know how my child is doing?
Our teachers and staff take an active role in monitoring the progress of our students. We will provide immediate feedback to parents if there is any cause of concern; otherwise, progress reports are provided twice a year and you are most welcome to drop in or call us anytime to discuss your child’s progress.
Do you provide make-up lessons if we miss lessons?
We provide a maximum of one make-up lesson per month in order to minimise the disruption caused to other students.
What is the difference between the two English lessons if they come twice a week?

For K1 students, children can benefit hugely from doubling their time spent in an English environment; from our experience, children need to be above a certain comprehension level before they can ride the learning curve and retain what is learned from week to week. In our weekly Active English lessons, although the theme is the same, the stories, activities, conversations, and worksheets will be different.

For K2 to P1 students, we suggest students complement the Active English lesson with Phonics and Reading.

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